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UltraFast T1 Wireless Internet access is now covering approx 2000 sq. miles of Simcoe County. This massive buildout is one of the largest of it's kind in Ontario, now spanning over 85 Towers using 5.8ghz for backhauling and 802.11a/b/g and 900 mhz non line of sight wireless technology for end distribution. Check our news links for announcements. Ultrafast T1 Wireless was initially created to fill a void, to go where no other hi speed exists and replace unreliable dial up. It was first tested running 12 computers over a wireless link 3 miles from the base tower, at the Internet Cafe on Anne St. We've come a long way in 12 years.

This great service is two way hi speed microwave internet. Our Ontario page details coverage in Central Ontario which is quite extensive. On the HOW TO ORDER page, you will find pdf forms which detail the costs involved in this hi tech service. Our fiberoptic feed boasts 99.9% uptime. There is a monthly fee required, which generally starts at $29.95 a month, for lite use residential.
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In the world of wireless our business lite rates are the lowest in North America starting at $50.00 for symetric 500k, light useage (burstable up to 3000k) and between $99.00 & $1,400.00 for up to 5.0 mbps symetrical. Private Static Ip's are free. Email accounts are included. Web access to check your email from anywhere, is included and a free dial up account for mobility and redundancy is provided at no charge. Enjoy the rest of the site.

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