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The choice is UltraClear

This season has been great. So many people calling to see if we can reach them from one of our 87 towers. The answer is usually yes, however I always ask them if they currently have internet. About 80% have tried Blue or Red and to be calling around means they are VERY unhappy with current level of service. Most of the ISPs have oversold their capacity due to greed, whereas I was happy to just keep expanding by re-investing in my own network to the point where my network has roughly double the tower locations that the others have in central Ontario (similar topography). People who had not realized we were doing this years ahead of ANYONE else are just amazed that we do not rely on the cellular technology (or their towers). In fact I believe that technology is far and wide inferior. IT WAS CONVENIENT for them to use existing cell towers and sell 3g because it was already there. Maybe they underestimated the popularity and the effectiveness of their advertising but like explornet proved, you can kill a good thing. So at night when they turn down the bandwidth to accomadate their cellular traffic, take solace in the knowledge that your calls are their priority.
Meanwhile check out our 100% guarantee and listen to the voices of the satisfied UF customers.

Ultrafast added 2 more towers this week

Well our coverage of the Mount St Louis area is now pretty complete. We have 5 towers that overlook the area. This tower is located at the south end of line 3 that overlook hwy 400. Up in the Singhampton Area we just added a 150′ tower that overlooks Riverside drive. That gives us 87 towers….it will take Bell or Rogers a long time to get to that number and by the time they do we should be well over 100.